Spirituality Struggles – Anxiety

When people think of spirituality and self-growth, a lot of them assume that those of us on our journeys don’t have struggles. But the truth is our troubles don’t just go away.

Since I started my spiritual journey, there are definitely some things that my views have changed on but a lot of my deeper problems are still there. For example, when I’m late for something or if I accidentally break an object – instead of letting it ruin my day, I try to realize that so much worse could have happened. I believe everything that happens to you leads you to this moment where you are now. So I don’t let these little things upset me. But not everything is this easy. There are still some things I have a hard time dealing with.

Social Anxiety

I have dealt with Severe Social Anxiety since I was in high school and it’s something that I still struggle with today. When I was in high school I missed so many classes because the thought of going made me nauseous. The more classes I missed, the more I wanted to stay home. The more I stayed home from school, the more I started staying home for everything. I stopped hanging out with my friends or going shopping with my family. I became a complete introvert.

After I graduated from high school, I stayed home. I didn’t work or go to college. That is, until the following year. I had this spontaneous idea that I wanted to go to community college for a year and then get a job. So that’s what I did. I left my hometown to go to school and I felt great. Suddenly I wasn’t nauseous and I met new people and I just felt so motivated. After a few months, I finished school and I was ready to get a job, but then the pandemic happened.

This is when I moved back home. I really enjoyed staying home and spending time with family. When things started opening up again, I started feeling anxious again. Whenever I would go anywhere, I felt so dizzy and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I would somethings lose feeling in my feet while I was walking. It was as if last year hadn’t happened. All that excitement to get out into the world by myself was gone.

Bad Habits

It was so bad that I would take ginger ale and crackers everywhere I would go. Sometimes I would even take a gravol before I went out. This was not the healthiest thing. Seriously, I don’t recommend this! It was pretty unhealthy and it didn’t really make me feel much better. It just comforted me to know I had it as an option. I used to pinch my thighs to distract myself with pain. I would come home and find bruises all over my thighs.

Quick Tips for Anxiety

Anxiety is not something you can just get over. Sometimes you can have moments where you are feeling better than ever. And sometimes you’ll just feel like you’re right back at the bottom where you started. Although I still feel this way, there are some things that have really helped me with how I have been feeling. Over the years, I have done tons of research on social anxiety and everything that comes along with it – causes, symptoms, natural remedies, etc. I’m going to tell you about some of the natural remedies that have literally saved me.

One of the best remedies for nausea I’ve tried was finding pressure points. It’s simply and it’s free so you can do it anytime anywhere!. I read online that gently massaging the middle part on the middle finger (photo shown below) with your opposite thumb can help relieve the feeling of nausea. Every time I would feel nauseous in public I would do this and it really works! I still do this sometimes if I’m anxious or if I had too much to eat.

Pressure Point for Nausea

Another thing that really helps calm me down when I feel anxious is to focus on my breath. Inhale for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 2-4 seconds and then exhale for 4 seconds. Take longer breaths if you need to. Do this until you stop feeling anxious. Being conscious of your breath can help cleanse your mind from all of those unsettling anxious feelings.

Another quick fix that can help with anxiety is just acknowledging all of your senses. Focus on a few things that you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Really focusing on these things along with taking deep breaths can be really conditioning.

Shadow Work

I mentioned how the thought of leaving my house literally made me nauseous. Well, this was my trigger. I had a fear of throwing up. It was so bad that I basically spent all day every day in my room. I mentioning this because I found out that this was a subconscious thing. My fear was throwing up in public. I would start imagining myself throwing up wherever I went and I would get so nervous about it actually happening that I would literally feel nauseous. (I was basically manifesting my anxiety!)

This is where shadow work comes in! I started learning about shadow work a few months ago and I’ve been practicing it quite a bit. If you don’t know what shadow work is; it is basically a way of changing the patterns of your unconscious mind (those things you think about without really think about eg., when you drive home and zone out and then you get there you wonder how you made it.)

Shadow work has allowed me to start taking control of my negative subconscious thoughts and start creating new positive ones. This allows my brain to start thinking positively without telling myself to think positively. This doesn’t work overnight and it’s not a set thing. I still have days where I just don’t want to leave my house and sometimes I won’t. This just makes it harder to leave next time. If you’re feeling this way, it’s important to picture yourself going out and doing the thing that’s making you nervous. Think positively and believe that you will have a great time when you go. It’s also important to listen to yourself. If you feel you shouldn’t go then it’s okay to stay home but try not to make that a habit. If you stay home one weekend, try going out the next.

My Progress

To be completely honest, it’s not easy. Anxiety is a huge struggle for me. I fight it every day and although I am seeing slight improvement, it’s still there. It probably always will be with me.

Overall, I have found ways that work for me when dealing with anxiety, especially in social situations. Some things that work for me may not work for you. But the most important thing is to be open to trying new remedies. I recommend natural remedies. I’ve always been skeptical about anxiety & depression medications. I love my body and I don’t feel comfortable putting anything unnatural inside myself.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! If you enjoyed this post, I think you will enjoy my other posts. Please consider subscribing to my email list so you will be notified whenever I post something new. I have so many more words I would love to share with you.

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  1. I’ve personally dealt with Anxiety for years after my dad died. It’s so hard to deal with but this post is Very helpful. Thank you for posting and taking the time to get this out there for others.

  2. I have had an anxiety disorder since childhood that led to full-fledged agoraphobia. I have thrown up from panic attacks and had embarrassing situations where I burst into tears in front of people. I have come along way. I have run for offfice, given speeches in front of people, but still making phone calls and talking to people, often causes me horrible anxiety. People that don’t have anxiety don’t get it. It doesn’t go away. It’s just something you learn how to deal with. I really liked your tip on the pressure point. I have never tried that or heard of it. I hope you write another post on shadow work because I’d love to read more. I practice meditation regularly and would love to read more on this.

    1. Wow, not very often I come across someone who has such a similar experience as mine! Thanks so much for sharing! It’s so amazing how far you’ve come! You’re totally right about people who don’t have anxiety not understanding! People would constantly tell me to just do it and stop being so boring, etc and it’s really hard when you don’t have people who get it! I will definitely being posting more about shadow word and my experiences that I’ve faced! Thank you so much for sharing your comment! ❤️

    1. I totally understand that feeling! The pressure points really worked for me! If the one I shared doesn’t help there’s so many more that are good for nausea! This is just the easiest to do when you’re in a public situation and personally works best for me! Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. It feels good sharing my journey knowing I have a chance to help others. That tip is definitely one of the best I found that has worked for me! Thank you so much for your comment ❤️

  3. So this was definitely long but the more you read the more you can relate and learn. I appreciate the time you took to write this, Mental health may seem to be “taken care of” form the surface but we have such a long way to go.

    1. I had to cut myself off when I was writing because I knew it was getting lengthy but I just have so many thoughts on this topic. I’ll definitely try to post shorter, more focused posts in the future! I think we will always struggle with anxiety but it’s important to understand it and work on yourself to learn how to live with it. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. I can say that I have lived a large part of my life in anxiety, but poui is something against which I have been able to cope, certainly sometimes it still presents itself but I keep it at bay.

  5. This was great! I never experienced social anxiety, but being picked on did make it hard to go to school. Good for you for finding ways to get through your anxiety.

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I can really relate so much. Anxiety sucks, but there are totally things that can be done to manage it. I will be trying some of these tips. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. Anxiety is no joke and you have written simple tips about what has helped you. You have progressed and grown so much and I wish you the best in your journey!

  8. I loved this article. Thanks for posting! I’ve struggled with anxiety for years, and now I’m trying to help my daughter navigate some of the same issues. I’ll definitely try the pressure points tip!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Anxiety can be such an emotional journey. It’s important to get educated on the topic. Doing this has helped me so much in growing and healing. Best of luck to you and your daughter. Thanks so much for reading.

  9. Super important topic! Thank you for shedding some light on it. And that nausea pressure point will be a tip for me to remember!

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